Friday, March 12, 2010

Country #2: CROATIA "Passport to Croatia" 5x7

"Passport to Croatia"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country # 2: CROATIA

If you know my blog, you've probably
noticed that I don't paint many landscapes.
I'm usually drawn to people's faces, but
this beautiful country could turn anyone
into a landscape painter. A few years ago
I traveled to Croatia and I've had this
painting in my head ever since.
Unfortunately, I've also had the memory
of losing my Passport in Zagreb during
Easter. I didn't realize it was missing until
I was unceremoniously kicked off the bus
by a couple of very suspicious Croatian
border police. Luckily someone found
it at a movie theatre and returned it to the
embassy. I knew I shouldn't have watched
"The Cat in the Hat" in Croatian!


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