Saturday, March 20, 2010

Country #8: THAILAND "Of Thailand" 5x7

"Of Thailand"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"
Country #8: Thailand

This elaborate headdress and traditional costume are
common among the northern village dwellers in the
mountainous Chiang Rai province of Thailand.
The regal color of the costume is something I like
to call Thai eggplant :-)


Country #7: ECUADOR "El Torerito" 5x7

"El Torerito"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country #7: Ecuador

If I know anything about Ecuador, it's that you are
never too young to be a Matador!...or at least to
dress like one. In this charming image of a young boy
dressed for battle, I used bold light and color to
intimate the valor of youth.


Country #6: BELARUS "Bella of Belarus" 5x7

"Bella of Belarus"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country #6: Belarus

Belarus is also called White Russia. However,
I resisted the urge to put vodka, Kahlua, and cream
in this painting. I instead focused on the glowing
"white" light on this wonderful fair-skinned woman.
Na Zdorovje!


Country #5: NEPAL "Immortal Beloved" 5x7

"Immortal Beloved"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country #5: Nepal

This beautiful Newar girl of Nepal is clad
in a shimmering gold bridal dress. This is the day
of her first marriage, the Ihi ceremony, where she
will be wed to an immortal god. This way, she can
never lose her marital status, as her first "husband" is
eternal. The essence of the paitning is therefore
it's timeless and spiritual qualities.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Country #4 MYANMAR: "Thingyan" 5x7

Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country # 4: BURMA (Myanmar)

Every year the Burmese celebrate their New Year as the
Sun enters Aries. Known as "Thingyan" in Myanmar,
the festival is known mostly for the water dousing that
takes place. This portrait depicts a woman dressed
for the occassion (but of course BEFORE the dousing!).


Country #3: INDIA "Masala" 6x6

Oil on Masonite Panel
6" x 6"

Country # 3: INDIA

All the colors and spices of India were the
source of inspiration for this painting of a
young boy at the market. Silk brocades
of orange and deep purples set off the
wonderful skin tones of the face and hand.
Such a rich land deserves a rich color scheme!


Country #2: CROATIA "Passport to Croatia" 5x7

"Passport to Croatia"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country # 2: CROATIA

If you know my blog, you've probably
noticed that I don't paint many landscapes.
I'm usually drawn to people's faces, but
this beautiful country could turn anyone
into a landscape painter. A few years ago
I traveled to Croatia and I've had this
painting in my head ever since.
Unfortunately, I've also had the memory
of losing my Passport in Zagreb during
Easter. I didn't realize it was missing until
I was unceremoniously kicked off the bus
by a couple of very suspicious Croatian
border police. Luckily someone found
it at a movie theatre and returned it to the
embassy. I knew I shouldn't have watched
"The Cat in the Hat" in Croatian!


Country #1: NORWAY "Colors of Norway" 5x7

"Colors of Norway"
Oil on Masonite Panel
5" x 7"

Country # 1: NORWAY

Perhaps when we think of Norway and art, the
first thing that comes to mind is Edvard Munch's hellish
nightmare "The Scream." Well, my inspiration from this
beautiful country couldn't be a farther 'cry' (no pun intended)
from that! On my travels, I have always been drawn to
the fantastic traditional costumes from various cultures
and Norway is no exception. Here depicted is a perfect
angel of a girl, clad in a Norwegian bonnet with all
the colors of the spectrum. What a sight!


"Around the World": 50 Countries, 50 Paintings

Hello, all! Over the last months, while setting up my new studio in Los Angeles, an idea came to me for an exciting new project. What if I could take my audience around the world without asking them to do so much as leave their living rooms? Can Art accomplish such a thing?

I say, YES! Starting today, I am displaying on my blog my brand new 'Around the World' series.
The Object: To create stirring images from around the world with the paint brush.
The Mission: To make 50 paintings, one each of 50 different countries!

Each painting will be available for auction on eBay.
I am so excited to be starting on this endeavor! Please see the first 4 paintings in the series coming right up!
Cecil Irving