Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Hat and Plume" 8x8

"Hat and Plume"
Oil on Masonite Panel
8" x 8" LARGE!!!



Sharon Wright said...

Hello Cecil, I have been loving your paintings as seen on Daily Painters Marketplace, but thought today I would have a better look. I just adore your work and style, especially the 'circus' and 'geisha girls' subjects. You bring them to life. Happy painting!

Sharon Wright said...

PS. You say you admire Sargent ( my very favourite!) and I have to say that your work reminded me of Sargent when I first saw it, as I say I am impressed.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Cecil, Yes I agree with Sharon and everything she wrote. Also, you are a truly gifted artist. I have a surprise waiting for you over at my blog. When you get a chance come over and take a look. Joan

CarolChretien said...

This is wonderful. Your light is beautiful.

Mark said...

Great work! I love how you capture the character.